Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hockey India gets tough, slaps one-year ban on Rajnandgaon XI, player Rahul Yadav

Acting tough on gross on-field indiscipline, Hockey India slapped a one-year ban on Rajnandgaon XI player Rahul Yadav as well as it team and manager for indulging in unbecoming behavior during the 1st All India VHA – Nagpur Gold Cup Tournament.

The Hockey India’s Disciplinary Committee took this call after all the facts related to the incident as well as hearing of the players and coaches were presented before them.

The ugly incident happened during the April 23 match between Rajnandgaon XI and SEC Railways, wherein Rajnandgaon XI’s Rahul Yadav roughed up a player from the SEC Railways team.

If that was not enough Rajnandgaon XI manager and registered Hockey India Umpire Koshor Diwar used foul language against the umpires and technical table and took his team off the field on two occasions during the match. Further, the Rajnandgaon XI team also gave the members of the SEC Railways team a mouthful.

The Disciplinary Committee members were categorical that such a move will discourage players from indulging in such on-field misconduct in future.
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