Monday, March 3, 2014

Hockey India gets National Sports Federation (NSF) status

Hockey India’s (HI) desire to be the sole governing body for the sport in the country, received a massive boost with the Government of India recently accorded it the status of a National Sports Federation (NSF).

It may be worth recalling that the Union Sports Ministry had derecognised HI in 2012 for not adhering to government guidelines, internal disputes and mismanagement. Under Secretary to the Government of India, A K Patro said in a letter addressed to HI secretary general Narinder Batra, dated February that HI will be the sole body running the sport in the country.

As per the letter, HI in order to get assistance and continued recognition from the Sports Ministry, will have to follow the guidelines of the government and the National Sports Development Code of India. HI and FIH have jointly organised major tournaments like the FIH Olympic Qualifiers, FIH World League Round 2, FIH Junior Men World Cup and FIH World League Round Final in India since 2012.

HI will host major events during the 2014-2018 period, which includes this year’s Champions Trophy, FIH Women’s World League Round-2 and FIH Men’s World League Final in 2015, FIH Junior Men’s World Cup in 2016, FIH Men’s World League Round Final in 2017 and FIH Senior Men’s World Cup in 2018.
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