Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hockey India to adopt new FIH rules from June 1

The new FIH rules are set to be used in international competitions from September this year, but Hockey India (HI) has decided to adopt the new rules from June 1. The Hockey India’s (HI) Executive Board at its recent meeting took this decision to incorporate the new (FIH) rules in its domestic circuit from June 1.

Earlier, last month the FIH had announced the new rules by reducing the 70-minute game to 60 minutes comprising four 15-minute quarters instead of two 35-minute halves.

Besides the new FIH rules, HI also arrived at some key decisions. The hockey body decided to retain the 2014 HIL tournament director Bjorn Isberg and umpires manager Craig Gribble for the 2015 edition. HI also appointed Sports Mechanics to provide video analysts to its national teams.

The hockey body relegated Hockey Andhra Pradesh from the permanent member category to associate member for changing their president without any intimation. HI also decided to disaffiliate the permanent membership of Hockey Delhi as they are not an active member, barring them from any participation in the national championships.

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