Sunday, February 23, 2014

Statistical Highlights of 2014 Hero Hockey India League

First goal of 2014 HIL: Talwinder Singh (Delhi Waveriders vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors)

Top goal-scorer:
11 goals Sandeep Singh (Jaypee Punjab Warriors)

First card:
Dharamvir Singh (Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Delhi Waveriders)

First penalty corner goal:
Justin Reid Ross (Ranchi Rhinos vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards)

Most goals in a match:
Jaypee Punjab Warriors beat Kalinga Lancers 7-3

Fastest goal of the tournament:
Mark Knowles 73 seconds (Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Delhi Waveriders – final)

First yellow card:
Akashdeep Singh (Delhi Waveriders vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors)

First hat-trick:
Vokkalia Raghunath (Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Dabur Mumbai Magicians)

First player to get green and yellow cards in the same match:
Harmanpreet Singh (Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Ranchi Rhinos)

First draw:
Uttar Pradesh Wizards- Jaypee Punjab Warriors playing out a 2-2 draw

First penalty stroke goal:
Glenn Turner (Dabur Mumbai Magicians vs Kalinga Lancers in the 10th match of the league)

Total number of goals:
156 goals from 34 matches.

Team conceding most goals:
34 goals - Kalinga Lancers

First match to witness all-field goals:
Delhi Waveriders beat Jaypee Punjab Warriors 3-1 in the league opener

Most Man of the Match Awards:
Birendra Lakra (Ranchi Rhinos) – Thrice

Total penalty corner goals:

Team scoring most goals:
40 goals (Jaypee Punjab Warriors)

Team with most wins and least defeats:
Delhi Waveriders (9 wins and 2 defeats)

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