Friday, August 1, 2014

India suffer Sardar blow ahead of semifinal clash against New Zealand

The Indian men’s hockey team suffered a massive blow with captain Sardar Singh ruled out of the crucial men’s semifinal match against New Zealand on Saturday after being found guilty of unbecoming behavior.

The Indian skipper was reprimanded following his yellow card in the Pool A match against South Africa, when he went in for a sliding tackle, thus sitting out the closing five minutes of play.

Sardar was earlier  reprimanded for hitting Eddie Ockenden on his face during the high-voltage India-Australia game. The FIH’s appeal jury took cognizance of his on-field behavior and slapped a two-game ban, which was reduced to one match after Hockey India raised the banner of protest. 

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Sukh said...

Very unfortunate for India, but only to be expected given the way umpiring and off the field decisions go for Asian teams. How many times do Asian players get carded for rough tackling yet a similar (or worse) offence against them is a foul only, at best!

Asghar Khan said...

I wonder how many Asians are in FIH jury panel .I bet none !!

sumal said...

I am an avid follower of hockey and I find your blog covers Indian Hockey the best. Keep it up. However, I have a small suggestion to make- please include statistics such as India's record against other countries like NZ, Aus and Pakistan.